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What is Reiki?

Reiki Treatment Information

REIKI (ray – key) translates from the Japanese as “universal life-force” This powerful ancient healing practice was re-discovered in Japan in the early Twentieth Century by Dr Mikao Usui. Reiki was then introduced to the West by Mrs Haiwa Takata and is now practiced all over the world.

Reiki is a gentle non-invasive complementary therapy

It is a powerful deep healing process which generates a feeling of well-being, relaxation and often rejuvenation. Reiki is effective for all age groups, and is safe to use in conjunction with orthodox medicine and can be combined with other complimentary therapies.

During a treatment, the Reiki Practitioner channels the universal life-force to the recipient to promote healing. This potent energy stimulates the body to rebalance and repair itself; healing may occur on a physical, emotional, mental and even a spiritual level.

The benefits from Reiki treatments can include pain relief, stress reduction, lowered anxiety, emotional healing, better sleep, improved immunity, enhanced vitality and increased energy.

How long does a treatment take?

First appointments usually take two hours during which:
• a full case history, medical background and personal lifestyle is taken
• a full body treatment is given
• self-help suggestions are offered

Subsequent treatments are shorter:
• one and a half hours for a full body treatment
• one hour for a frontal body treatment.

All follow-up appointments include time for a progress update and aftercare advice in addition to the Reiki treatment itself.

What can I expect from a Reiki treatment?
What does a treatment feel like?

You can be treated either lying on a Reiki couch or seated on a chair. Though you will need to remove your watch, shoes and glasses (if you wear them), you remain fully clothed throughout. It is advisable to wear loose fitting comfortable clothing.

A light throw will be offered to keep you warm and comfortable. Gentle music and candles often accompany treatments to enhance relaxation, and some people opt for incense.

All you need to do is close your eyes whilst the practitioner goes through a series of hand positions (not touching any sensitive parts of the body directly), channelling healing energy to every part of the body’s physical and energetic system.
What does a treatment feel like?

Often Reiki energy is experienced as intense heat or cold originating from the practitioner's hands, and, occasionally, tingling is experienced. Some people report seeing colours or feeling the energy swirling around them during treatment. Many close their eyes, relax and fall asleep.

Some people find that memories surface during treatment, and powerful emotions can surface. If this happens, just accept the experience as it will be part of the healing that you need.

How many treatments are recommended?

Even a one-off treatment can be enormously beneficial. As a general rule, a series of six treatments is likely to achieve the treatment goals reached in consultation with your practitioner. However, everybody’s needs are different. Some people heal rapidly and require only a few sessions. Others opt to continue having top-up treatments long after their initial healing goals are met, because Reiki enhances their feelings of wellbeing.

Aftercare Advice
(What happens afterwards?)

When the treatment is over, you will be gently roused, offered a glass of water to flush out toxins, and given time to reflect on your experiences.

In discussion, the practitioner may make suggestions based on your particular needs. The success of these initiatives will be followed up in subsequent appointments.

In addition to a sense of calm and renewed balance, some people find Reiki revitalises them and they leave energised and ready to tackle anything.

If your treatment has brought about an emotional release, or you were a little run down beforehand, you may feel tired afterwards. However, a healing reaction of this type is unlikely to last for very long.

The body has many ways of releasing dis-ease, and Reiki will always bring about the healing that your own subconscious determines that you need. Because Reiki heals the mind, emotions, body and spirit, the results of treatments will always be beneficial to you in the long term.

You may need to wait a short while before driving after your appointment, as the treatment usually induces a state of deep relaxation and you may initially feel groggy.

Where possible, take it easy for the rest of the day, and just enjoy the sense of wellbeing and relaxation that usually ensues. It is also sensible to continue to drink lots of water and to avoid alcohol after your appointment.


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