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Reiki Therapy Coulsdon and surrounding areas


Reiki treatmentsReiki Therapy Coulsdon and surrounding areas

First appointments usually take two hours during which:

• a full case history, medical background and personal lifestyle is taken
• a full body (or adapted) treatment is given
• self-help suggestions are offered
Subsequent treatments are shorter:
• one and a half hours for a full body treatment
• one hour for a frontal body treatment.
• one hour for a seated or bedside treatment.

All follow-up appointments include time for a progress update and aftercare advice in addition to the Reiki treatment itself. You can be treated either lying on a comfortable Reiki couch or seated on a chair. Though you will need to remove your shoes, glasses and your watch, you remain fully clothed throughout. It is advisable to wear loose fitting comfortable clothing.

If you are lying down, a light throw will be offered to keep you warm and comfortable. You can also have a bolster cushion under your knees to ease back discomfort. Soothing music and candlelight accompany treatments to enhance relaxation.

All you need to do is close your eyes whilst the practitioner goes through a series of hand positions (not touching any sensitive parts of the body directly), channelling healing energy to every part of the body’s physical and energetic system.

Often Reiki energy is experienced as intense heat or cold originating from the practitioners hands, and, occasionally, tingling is experienced. Some people report seeing colours or feeling the energy swirling around them during treatment. Many close their eyes, relax and fall asleep.

After a treatment, you will need to drink lots of water and you may need to wait a short while before driving.
No hard and fast rule can be applied to the number of sessions required. In general, I recommend five to six treatments but powerful healing can occur in only a few sessions.

Ultimately, it is up to you how many treatments you wish to receive. I am happy to advise you when we meet. Many people initially come for a few treatments and then choose to visit periodically to maintain a feeling of balance within the body.


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