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Reiki Therapy Coulsdon and surrounding areas



Reiki Therapy Coulsdon and surrounding areasI have had several sessions with Sharon for treatment of tinnitus and lymphoedema
and always come away with my symptoms alleviated and improved. She creates a
calm, caring atmosphere which engages all the senses and her healing hands generate
amazing feelings of heat and energy flow which leave me feeling completely relaxed
and de-stressed. Many thanks, Sharon!

Joanne Heys - Purley

A first hand Reiki experience

Learning to let go, quit struggling with pre-conceptions and inhibitions and the general distrust of New Age agendas Well, ok, I thought Id give it a try. After all, Sharon is someone whose hands have never harmed a living soul, human nor animal. In fact, I have always been stubborn and disbelieving towards any quasi-religious preaching or practice coming from another human being, holding on to my own path towards self-realisation and trying to retain my own voice in a world of propaganda and noise surrounding me.

So, here I am, submitting myself to waves of soft music washing over me, to the gentle candlelight and scent of just a little incense to transport me to another world, the world I have been offered to share a while, that of Reiki. Within moments, I start to feel the warmth coming through her hands and all my grim gravity yielding to a sensation that can only be described as surreal. I am afloat, in a distant womb. Yes, me, a man who has always sought his mother from the day he was initially abandoned by her, my own blood mother. I become aware that is the only word I can use, aware that life is about love, about healing, not just the body but the memories also, and for some short time, I experience a sense of infinite compassion reaching through to me. I could go on. But just let me say the experience of Reiki with someone whom I absolutely trust is a journey to the self, to the centre of ones own being, to ones own personal truth, however you may chose to define that.

It is not about words or beliefs, but about healing and the heart and is a force of infinite gentleness and balance.

Bart Wolffe - Coulsdon

As someone who tends to favour logical reasoning above everything else, Reiki was a bit of a shot in the dark for me. At my initial assessment session I told Sharon that my goal was to achieve 'stillness at a cellular level'. She didn't blink and I didn't offer to ellaborate any further. I knew then that I was in safe hands. Amongst the various alternative therapists I have tried, Sharon's place is undoubtedly at the top with the very best. Peace and healing to everyone.

Carmen Manzano  - Croydon

After the first treatment, my back and shoulder had lost a lot of their usual discomfort, and after the second treatment they were absolutely pain-free.

It was extremely relaxing and, when the session was at an end, I felt more rested than I had for some time.
I have known Sharon for some time now, and have found her to be a kind and honest person with a contagiously positive energy.

Jan Lee - Coulsdon

Sharon is just a lovely all round human being and really puts her heart and soul into what she does. She is fun and light to be with and I really enjoyed my Reiki session, so much so I will definitely be returning for more.

Veronica Brand - Kenley

I came to see Sharon afetr a year of ill health. I was run down emotionally and had started
to have physical manifestations of the stress I was feeling. I had no real expectations from
Reiki, or of Sharon, for that matter.

I am pleased to say that after a program of approximately 3 months of Reiki treatments, I
have, with the help of Sharon, started to turn my life and my health around.

I noticed that I was able to relax with Sharon, the treatments became a regular part of my
life where I felt safe and listened to. I started to explore more fully ideas that had been
floating on the edge of my consciousness for many years.

With Sharon's advice and constant encouragement I began to take care of my diet, my sleep
patterns and more remarkably, felt strong enough emotionally to ask for what I needed
from those around me.

Thank you Sharon for your help in my healing.

Jo Risbridger - Caterham


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